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Brady Suspended First Four Games of NFL Season, Garoppolo Will Start

May 13, 2015 - Author: John-Mark and Chuck Mallory - Comments are closed

Jimmy Garoppolo will have a unique opportunity to start the 2015 NFL season as the New England Patriots starting quarterback. The NFL announced on Monday that Patriots starting quarterback Tom Brady was suspended for the first four games of the season in relation to the “Deflategate” scandal. The NFL accused two Patriots employees of purposely deflating footballs during during the AFC championship game against Indianapolis Colts. Attorney Ted Wells was hired by the NFL to conduct a report on the Patriots and their employees’ actions during the game. The Wells Report alleges that Brady had prior knowledge of the footballs being deflated and may have even been in contact with the two employees that were also found to be involved. Brady is suspended in part because he refused to show his text message records from this period of time. Garoppolo will be the Patriots opening day starter and will likely play most of the team’s preseason games as the starting quarterback. After a rookie season that saw Garoppolo win a Super Bowl as a backup, he now has the responsibility to defend that championships as a starter. This is also a sort of tryout to see if Garoppolo has what it takes to be Brady’s eventual replacement.

Brady and his agent have stated that they will appeal the suspension which means that the punishment of games that Brady received could be reduced, possibly to two games as has been done before in the appeals process. However, even if Brady’s appeal is successful there is likely very little chance that his suspension will be erased and he will be the opening day starter for the Patriots. It is more likely that the NFL will just slightly reduce his punishment (but there is a chance they won’t reduce it at all) and Garoppolo will start whichever games Brady is suspended for. Many have speculated that the Patriots may acquire another quarterback, but it seems as if all signs point to Garoppolo being the game one starter and leading the team multiple weeks. Garoppolo will be tested by NFL playoff teams like the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Dallas Cowboys early in the NFL regular season so there won’t be many easy plays for him, but this is Garoppolo’s first real chance to be a full-time starting quarterback

Garoppolo was a surprise NFL success last year as he was effective in the backup role for the Patriots. The Patriots were struggling in week four and he was brought in as a backup during a Kansas City Chiefs game that got out of hand. Brady took the reins back after that game and led the Patriots on a winning streak and to an eventual Super Bowl title, but it seems as if the Patriots are confident enough in Garoppolo that they have tasked him as the replacement for Brady at least while he is suspended.

We will continue to cover all news related to the Deflategate scandal and The Wells Report. If there is any new information that comes out about Brady suspension or Garoppolo being the starter we will be here to cover it. For now, Garoppolo has a great chance to show that he is an NFL-caliber quarterback whether it be on the Patriots or on another team.

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