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Garoppolo Sees First NFL Game Action, Impresses in Blowout loss to Chiefs

September 30, 2014 - Author: John-Mark and Chuck Mallory

jimmy g chiefs

Jimmy Garoppolo made his first appearance in an NFL regular season game during the New England Patriots 41-14 blowout loss to the Kansas City Chiefs on Monday night. With about 8 minutes left in regulation Tom Brady threw his second interception of the game (the interception was returned for a touchdown). With the game out of reach at 41-7, Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick made the decision to go with Garoppolo.

Garoppolo entered the game and drove the Patriots offense down the field for a touchdown. Garoppolo connected with all-pro tight end Rob Gronkowski for a 13-yard touchdown pass, which was the first NFL touchdown of Garoppolo’s career. Although the game was out of reach when Garoppolo entered, he was able to play two series with the offense and perform very well. While the second series stalled because of a bad penalty by the Patriots, Garoppolo finished the game with six out of seven passes completed for 70 yards and a touchdown. It was a nice showing for the rookie from Eastern Illinois University.



“Obviously the first time, there’s obviously a bunch of learning experiences,” Garoppolo said. “Good experience in general to get that out of the way. We’ll go back, watch the tape, I’m sure there’s tons to learn from it.”

It was definitely not anticipated by Patriots’ fans that Garoppolo would see the field so soon in the season, but the offense hasn’t performed up to par and there has been a lot of criticism of Tom Brady. Through four games this season, Brady has only completed 43 percent of passes greater than five yards, which is second worst in the NFL behind Buffalo Bills QB E.J. Manuel. The Bills announced earlier this week that Manuel will be benched. The pass protection also hasn’t been there for Brady, who has already been sacked 10 times through four games. Clearly, the Patriots offense needs to step up, or Garoppolo could see more time in upcoming games.

sad brady

There was also some buzz about Brady not congratulating Garoppolo when he came off the field after the Patriots touchdown drive, as other Patriots players and coaches gathered around him to show some love. However, this shouldn’t be seen as a big deal because Brady often spends time by himself on the sideline, especially during losing games. During the postgame press conference, a reporter even asked Belichick if he would “Evaluate the quarterback position”. The coach snickered to himself and shook his head to indicate “No”, a clear sign that Brady’s job isn’t in danger. It seems Garoppolo knows his role on the team too.

“I’m a relief pitcher, pretty much, so that’s my job,” Garoppolo said. “Go out there and put plays together. That’s all you can do at that point.”

Garoppolo may be a relief pitcher for now, but with the Patriots struggling mightily, he may be playing in more games this season. Keep checking for more news and updates!

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Mallett Traded to Texans, Garoppolo now officially Patriots’ backup QB

September 1, 2014 - Author: John-Mark and Chuck Mallory


The New England Patriots traded quarterback Ryan Mallett to the Houston Texans for a conditional draft pick on Sunday, securing Jimmy Garoppolo’s spot as the Patriots’ backup quarterback. Mallett had seen limited action in the preseason so far, and Garoppolo’s strong training camp and preseason game performance made him a clear favorite to be the backup to Tom Brady. The draft pick could either be a 6th round pick or 7th round pick for the 2015 NFL Draft depending on the Texans’ performance this season.

Mallett was never a factor in the three seasons with the Patriots, seeing very little game action even when the team was far ahead in games and could use backup players. He had long been rumored to be on the trading block, and his trade to the Texans reunites him with former Patriots’ assistant coach Bill O’Brien who is the new Texans head coach. Mallett could see time as a starter in Houston, although he likely won’t be inserted in that position immediately.

The move signals that the Patriots are trusting Garoppolo fully with the backup QB spot, as they will only carry two quarterbacks on the roster for now in Brady and Garoppolo. The rookie from Eastern Illinois University has a lot to learn, but will likely be groomed to be the eventual Patriots starting quarterback when Tom Brady retires. This is an unprecedented move for Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick, who doesn’t usually give a lot of responsibility to rookies unless in a dire situation. The team had flexibility at the position, and clearly chose Garoppolo because of his abilities and potential to improve.


Garoppolo got the opportunity to start and play in an entire preseason game on Thursday, August 28th and had a solid performance. He completed 22 of 42 passes for 284 yards for one touchdown and one interception (his first turnover of the preseason). Garoppolo threw the deep ball well, connecting with wide receiver Aaron Dobson for a 33-yard touchdown pass in the 2nd quarter. However, he struggled at times throwing shorter routes. Garoppolo will need to work on his short accuracy in practice this preseason.

Garoppolo has come a long way in just a few weeks of the Patriots’ training camp and preseason. He’s proven a lot of people wrong already, and it’s clear that he has a future in the NFL as a quarterback. His work ethic and ability to improve will determine whether he becomes a starter eventually or stays a backup. It’s clear though: the top players in the Patriots’ organization trust Garoppolo in his role. This is a big responsibility for Garoppolo but it’s also a great position to be in as a quarterback. We’ll track Garoppolo’s progress throughout the season so keep checking for updates!

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Garoppolo Battles for Backup Job as Mallett Trade Rumors Swirl

August 25, 2014 - Author: John-Mark and Chuck Mallory

Jimmy Garoppolo has had an impressive preseason both in practice and in game action. He’s continued to show that he can take care of the ball and run the Patriots offense when he’s called on. Many around the league are starting to take notice of Garoppolo, too. There’s a good chance that the kid from Eastern Illinois University could be the backup behind Tom Brady as early as the start of this season.

Garoppolo has been praised for not turning the ball over this preseason, as well as running an efficient offense and converting on scoring drives in each of his first three preseason games. Now with a major injury to a starting NFL quarterback, there’s a chance Garoppolo could be all alone as the backup quarterback for the Patriots. The St. Louis Rams reported Sunday that their starting quarterback Sam Bradford tore his ACL for the second season in a row and is now out for the season. This has already started trade rumors and at the center of them has been Patriots quarterback Ryan Mallett.

Philadelphia Eagles v New England Patriots

Mallett has had a decent preseason, but he’s only taken reps as the backup quarterback for a small amount of time. He’s been at third on the depth chart the rest of the time, as Garoppolo continues to show that he can be counted on to run the offense if Tom Brady ever were to go down with an injury. Mallett was regarded as a possible starting quarterback in years past, but he has regressed a bit this year. The rumors involving Mallett involve the Patriots getting a draft pick in return. This would be an ideal situation for the Rams, who don’t want to give up too much for a replacement player like Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Mark Sanchez, who has also been involved in trade rumors.

Meanwhile, the Patriots announced on Monday that Garoppolo will start the team’s fourth preseason game, and possibly play for the entire game. This is a huge opportunity for Garoppolo to show what he has in an extended sample size, and it’s also an indication that the team isn’t too concerned about evaluating Mallett very much further. The last preseason game is generally a time for the backup players to showcase their talent, so all eyes will be on Garoppolo as he tries to cement his status as fulltime backup quarterback. The team hasn’t made an official announcement on who the backup will be, but almost all signs point to Garoppolo.

Garoppolo had another great preseason effort last Friday against the Carolina Panthers. He completed nine out of twelve passes that included a touchdown pass to Taylor McCuller in the fourth quarter. Showing a veteran-like presence, he again committed no turnovers in the game. Although Mallett did get backup quarterback reps in this game, it was the same scenario Garoppolo faced last week when he was unexpectedly inserted into the game early. Mallett only attempted three passes in his time in the game, so the team still seems focused on Garoppolo as a backup.

jimmy panthers

This is a big week of practice and obviously a big preseason game for Garoppolo. Although he’s played very well this preseason, he still hasn’t officially earned the backup job for the Patriots. It will take a big effort in practice and a good game for Garoppolo to gain the spot. Keep checking for more updates and information on the Garoppolo’s progress.



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Jimmy Garoppolo Continues Success in Patriots’ Preseason and Camp

August 21, 2014 - Author: John-Mark and Chuck Mallory

Jimmy Garoppolo continues to shine in the preseason and in training camp for the New England Patriots. He even moved up to second on the quarterback depth chart for the Patriots’ second preseason game against the Philadelphia Eagles.


Garoppolo took over for starting quarterback Tom Brady late in the 1st quarter and immediately started showing that his impressive efforts in the first preseason game weren’t just a flash in the pan. Garoppolo threw a 15-yard touchdown pass to fullback James Develin to put the Patriots up 14-7 with 2:39 left in the 1st quarter. He then continued his solid play with a good drive that ended with a 4-yard touchdown pass to wide receiver Brandon LaFell.

Although Garoppolo didn’t lead the Patriots on any more scoring drives in the 2nd quarter, he also didn’t have any turnovers for the second preseason game in a row, which is a valuable thing for any NFL quarterback.

“I felt good going into this game, had a good week of practice,” Garoppolo said after the game. “Going against another team always brings out the competitive spirit in everyone, so I thought our whole team had a good week this week.”

Another surprise element the Patriots sprung on Garoppolo was not telling him exactly when he would enter the game. This was a tactic used to simulate an in-game injury situation to get the rookie used to conditions in the NFL. Garoppolo took it in stride.

“They kind of just threw me in there, it was kind of a last minute thing,” he said. “But you always have to be ready. Whenever the opportunity comes you have to take advantage of it.”

Garoppolo and the Patriots will take on the Carolina Panthers at home in Gillette Stadium on Friday, August 22 at 7:30 PM EST. Meanwhile, he continues to impress in practice for the Patriots everyday. He was reported as having shaky practices when he first got reps in training camp, but after a good performance in the Patriots’ first preseason game he seems to have gained confidence with each rep he takes. Garoppolo knows he has to keep getting better, but it’s clear he’s getting more comfortable in the Patriots system; he says the game is slowing down for him.

Jimmy Garoppolo, Josh McDaniels

“Each day is easier and easier. I’m trying to learn more and more with the offense as we pick it up,” he said. “It’s one of those things, if you keep getting better and better, it’s gonna slow down. It goes hand-in-hand.”

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Jimmy Garoppolo’s First NFL Game

August 8, 2014 - Author: John-Mark and Chuck Mallory


Jimmy Garoppolo shined in his NFL debut Thursday, completing 9 of 13 passes for 157 yards and the New England Patriots’ only touchdown of the night during a 23-6 preseason loss to the Washington Redskins.

Garoppolo is currently 3rd on the Patriots’ QB depth chart behind starter Tom Brady and backup Ryan Mallett. But with Brady sitting out the team’s first preseason game, Mallett struggled in the first half against the Redskins’ starting defense. Garoppolo stepped in to play the entire second half, and was finally able to get the offense going.


Garoppolo completed a 26-yard touchdown pass to wide receiver Brian Tyms late in the fourth quarter to help the Patriots avoid a shutout. Garoppolo also had a couple of good offensive drives stall in the third quarter because of a fumble and a failed fourth down conversion. Although the Patriots lost the game, there were a lot of positives for the offense, especially for Garoppolo. He didn’t want to give himself too much credit, though.

“I did all right. There is a lot of stuff to improve on. It’s a process,” Garoppolo said “For any rookie quarterback, there’s a lot to learn from. We’ll go watch the tape and go fix those things.” He added, “The offense, we struggled at times today, but we were clicking at times, too.”

It was also the first NFL game that Garoppolo has ever attended, and it was a special event for the quarterback and his family.

“It was really cool,” Garoppolo said. “Parents, brothers, grandpa were all here. They got to see it and I haven’t seen them in a while; it was a great experience.”

Garoppolo will look to build on his offensive success in the first Patriots’ home game this preseason against the Philadelphia Eagles on Friday, August 19th.

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